Love Thy Data


Love Thy Data is written for the business manager, who needs understandable benchmarks to make the important choices. It stresses the point that managers must educate themselves, since these decisions cannot be delegated.

Starting with examples demonstrating typical problems, followed by standard measurements for selecting the best solutions, this book cuts through the complexity to provide real answers.

The final chapters outline the processes for a successful implementation. Rather than the typical theoretical approach, Love Thy Data actually provides the specifics needed to achieve your goals, on budget and in a reasonable timeframe.

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Core Concepts

  • Your company‚Äôs data is precious.
  • It costs a lot to collect information, therefore it should be kept safe, secure, and easily accessible.
  • One system should provide the foundation database for all processes
  • Best-of-breed applications can be added to that foundation

Benefits of Success

Love Thy Data begins with a number of success stories. Each begins as a problem, where the solution is found by leveraging data. These stories put a face on typical problems, where the costs are measurable.

Therefore, the value we can give to solving these problems is clearly defined. Additionally there are synergistic results, which improve overall performance, beyond individual processes.

We will continue to present real-world examples of creative companies, solving important problems. One of the key tools is your data and how it is managed.