Tailoring Your Systems

Did your company buy an off-the-shelf factory?

Even with franchise businesses, there is always a need to tweak the plan to suite actual conditions. Most manufacturing businesses are even more different, and in fact promote their unique differences from their competitors.

Implementing ERP is also a tailoring process, striking a balance between cost and customization. There are things that make your company unique, and others things that could be improved by change.

Just buying the best tool will not ensure success.

Why do some companies succeed while others fail, both having bought the same product? In addition to good planning, tailoring of your system will have huge impact on the value you get from your selection.

Tailoring of the system affects:

  • Workflow
  • Throughput
  • Quality
  • User Satisfaction

Knowing when and how to tailor your system components is an important factor in overall success and return on investment.

Applied Automation offers services to plan and implement your system to meet your exact requirements.